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Tasty I FEEL local recepies

Homemade Ocvirkovka



- 250 grams of smooth flour

- 250 grams of hard flour

- pinch of salt

- 20 grams of yeast

- 1 little spoon of oil

- 1 egg yolk

- 100 grams of cracknels



Crumble yeast in a cup, add three little spoons of tepidly water and one little spoon of flour. Stir everything and leave dough rise. Later stir it with the rest of the flour, oil and salt. Top it up with tepidly water and add smooth dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

Stretch the dough and shape it a circle, smear it  with egg yolk and sprinkle it with cracknels.

Bake it at 180°C for 15 minutes. 



Tasty mushroom soup



- 200 grams of fresh porcinos/penny buns

- 3 potatoes

- 1 big onion and 2 husks of garlic

- 4 little branches of parsley

- 2 laurel leaf

- pinch of salt and pepper

- flour for thickening

- sour cream



Cut onion on small pieces and roast it on few drops of oil. When it turns more pale add fresh cuted porcinos or any other kind of mixed mushrooms and small pieces of potato. Roast it on medium fire for 10 minutes. If you would like to prepare it for smaller quantities you can laso add vegetable, perheaps carrot, peas or leak.

Add laurel leaf, squezed garlic, part of parsley and top it with water. Add salt and paper for the taste. Soup should be cooked for so long that mushrooms and potato are cooked. For thickening you can mash some of the potato or add one spoon of flour (mixed with cold water).

Cook it for another 5 minutes and add the rest of choped parsley or also chive and one spoon of sour cream.

Preparation time: 1 hour


Our recommendation: The soup is allready tasty, but if we want something special - serve, as a side dish, homemade buchkwheat puree with seasoning.


Styrian sour soup with buckwheat dumplings (žganci)



- 300 grams buckwheat flour

- 800 grams pork meat

- 2 onions and 5 garlic cloves

- 4 potatoes and 4 carrots

- one spoon of butter and one spoon of flour

- 2 spoons of sour cream, apple vinegar by the taste, 2 dcl red dry wine



Preparation of dumplings: Boil one litre of salted water. When it finally boils add flour. Then wait for flour to become a ball. Make a hole in the middle of the ball with wooden spoon. Cover the pot and cook it on the middle temperature for 20 Minutes. After 20 minutes pour out water and mixed in dumplings (žganci). At the end leave it a rest for few minutes.

Preparation of styrian sour soup: Put cuted vegetable, spices and meat in 3 litres of water and cook it for 20 minutes. After 30 minutes add wine, sou cream and vinegar. Stir it well and leave it for approximately 5 minutes. Serve the soup with buckwheat dumplings. 

Time of preparation: 1 hour


Our recommendation: It is very important that the soup rests a bit. We do not serve it right away, boiling hot.


Wild garlic cream soup



- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

- a bunch of wild garlic leaves

- 2 medium sized potatoes

- 1 medium sized onion

- nutmeg

-soup base

-salt and pepper by the taste

- 4 tablespoons sour cream



Chop the onion and fried on olive oil. Cut the potatoes into cubes and cook it in half a liter of water. When the potato is soft, add wild garlic leaves and soup base. Cooking approx. 5 min. and then add a dried nutmeg and sour cream. Then mash with stick-blender to form a smooth mixture that does not need to be thickened. Cover the soup and let it stand for 5 min. and than serve it. 

Time of preparation: 1 hour


Our recommendation: The more fresh wild garlic - the tastier soup.


Muscat pumpkin cream soup



- a small muscat pumpkin

- 1 onion and 2 cloves garlic

- 1 teaspoon of ground sweet red paprika

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

- soup base

- salt and pepper by the taste

- cooking cream

- 1 teaspoon of pumpkin oil for decoration and some pumpkin seeds



Halve the pumpkin, remove the seeds and peel it, then cut it into small pieces. Chop the onion and garlic and fried on olive oil. Than add the pieces of pumpkin and roast about approx. 20 min. After 20 min., salt and pepper to taste and add red pepper. Than pour 1 dcl of water and add the soup base. Mix all and cook for moderate fire for 45 minutes. When is cooked, mash well with a stick blender, add the cooking cream and put the pan onto a fire to boil. After boiling, remove and leave to stand for 5 min. Then serve the soup into deep plates and decorate with pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds.

Time of preparation: 1,5 hour


Our recommendation: Add some roasted pumpkin seeds.


Buckwheat seeds with mushrooms



- 200 g buckwheat seeds

- 500 g mushrooms (porcini)

- 1 big onion

- 2 strokes of garlic

- 1 dcl sweet cream

- 50 g butter

- salt and pepper

- parsley



In salted water boil buckwheat seeds on medium heat for aprox. 20 minutes. When it kuhamo ajdovo kašo na zmernem ognju nekje 20 minut. When it larger its size we drain it. Clean porcini, wash them and dry them with paper towel. Cut them in thick leaves. Clean onion and garlich and chop them in small pieces. Put the butter in bigger pan, add chopped onion, salt it and cook until soft. Add mushrooms and cook them untill brown, then add garlic. Mix well. Add cream and buckwheat. Add salt and pepper. Mix and cook more - for aprox. 5 min. Serve on plate with parsley seasoning.

Time of preparation: 1 hour


Our recommendation: Instead of porcini we can use also other mushrooms. We can serve them as a side dish or as main dish, it is very tasty cold as well as a salad. 


Pork roast with dry plums



- 1 kg of pork meat (2 fillets)

- 80 g butter

- 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil

- salt and pepper

- 200 g of dry plums 

- 5 dcl aromatic Styrian white wine

- 2tbsp sour cream

- Bay leaf

- 1 tablespoon of homemade currant jam



Wash dry plums well in lukewarm water and drain them. Pour the wine into the cooking pot and add the bay leaf. Cook untill it boils and then remove from heat. Add dried plums and marinate them for at least 3 hours (preferably overnight).


Heat the oven to 200°C. Cover pork fillet with salt and pepper. Heat the butter and oil in the pan, in which the pork fillet is quickly roast from all sides (to light yellow color). Then the pan in which we bake meat with meat is placed in a hot oven and watered with roast juice. In the oven, the roast should be baked for 20 minutes. [Nbsp]

After baking, the meat is removed from the baking tray and poured into the marinade of the dry plums (keep the plums pour only liquid). Cook for 10 min, remove from fire and mix currant jelly and sour cream. We place dry plums and cook it quickly.

We cut the meat and pour the sauce over it.

Time of preparation: 2 hours


Our recommendation: Add some cooked chestnuts to the gravy. As a side dish to the meat we recommend spoon dumplings, wide noodles or mashed potatoes (carrot, etc.).


Fried chicken with roasted potato and pumpkin seeds



- pieces of chicken

- 500 grams potatoes

- pumpkin seeds

- 1 dcl white oil

- 2 onions, 3 garlic cloves

- juice of one lemon

- nutmeg

- salt and pepper by the taste

- white flour, eggs and bread crumbs

- oil for frying


Preparation of chicken:

Put 1 dcl of white oil in a cup, add chopped garlic, lemon juice, grated nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mix everything to get a marinade, which should be used for pouring the chicken. Put the meat with marinade in the fridge for about one hour, so the spices get mixed and rubed in the meat. After one hour take the meat out of the fridge . Use 3 deep plates - pour flour in one, eggs in second and bread crumb in third plate. Roll each pieces of meat in flour, eggs and bread crumb and fry it in hot oil.


Preparation of roasted potatoes with pumpkin seeds:

Wash potatoes and put it in bigger pot (unpeiled) and add amount of water to cover potatoes. Salt the water and cover the pot, meanwhile cook it on the middle temperature for about 20 minutes. Once potato is cooked peel it and cut on slices. Chop onions and roast it on hot oil. Add potatoes and roast it on low temperature, by the end raise the temperature. Potatoes should be mixed constantly during roasting so that it is roasted evenly. During roasting add also  salt and pepper. Once potato is roasted take it of the fire and add pumpkin seed (which can be chopped or not). Mix potatoes and pumpkin seed and serve it with fried chicken. 

Time of preparation: 2 hours


Veal stew with dumplings



- 400 gram of veal

- 2 spoons of oil

- 2 onions and 2 garlic cloves

- laurel leaf, pinch of thyme and marjoram, salt and pepper

- 2 carrots

- 50 grams of white flour

- 0,1 litre sour cream



Cut the veal on smaller pieces. Chop onion and garlic and roast it on oil. Add meat, on the slices cutted carrots and spices (laurel leaf, thyme, marjoram, salt, pepper) and 1 litre water. Cook it on the middle temperature and once water boils lower the temperature and cook it for 45 minutes. During cooking you can prepare dumpling: in small bowl whisk egg, add slour, sour cream and some warm water to get mixture. Dumpling should be cooked in the stew in latest 15 minutes. After 45 minutes take the stew of the fire, cover it and leave it for 5 minutes. After this time it can be serves. 

Time of preparation: 2 hours


Green bean with potato and cracklings



- half a kilo of potatoes

- 500 g of green beans

- 0.5 liters of sour cream

- 3 tablespoons of grease with cracklings

- salt by taste



Peel the potato, cut it into larger pieces and cook it in salted water. Well clean the green beans and cut into small pieces and cooked to a soft in salted water.

In small saucepan dissolve grease with cracklings, add the sour cream and mix consistently and wait for it to boil. When potato and beans are cooked, drain the water. Potato and beans are placed in a serwing bowl in layers. Larded and serve it.

Time of preparation: 45 min


Plum dumplings



- 500 grams potatoes

- 20 dkg flour (half hard and half soft flour)

- 2 eggs

- pinch of salt and pinch of ribbed nutmeg

- sugar by the taste, 10 grams minced cinnamon

- 1 spoon of butter

- 70 grams of bread crumbs



Put washed potatoes in the water (unpeeled), cover it with water and cook it for 30 minutes. Once when it is cooked leave it to get cold. Meanwhile pit out plums. Grate potatoes, add flour, salt and both eggs. Use hands to knead the ingredients in dough. Roll the dough on floured ground on half centimeter thick and shape 5x5 centimeters squares. In the middle of each square put one plum and form the dumpling. Squeeze edges so dumpling won’t fall apart during cooking. Cook dumplings in salted water for so long that each of dumplings comes at the surface. When dumplings are cooked take them out of water and drain it. In smaller pan melt the butter and roast bread crumb on it until it reaches gold-brown color. Roll the dumplings in roasted crumbs. Plum dumplings should be served covered with cinnamon and sugar. 

Time of preparation: 45 min


Bundt cake



- 4 eggs

- 2 bags of vanilla sugar

- 3 tablespoons of cocoa

- half a baking powder bag

- grated lemon peel of one lemon

- 3 yogurt pots of white flour

- 2 yogurt pots of white sugar

- 1 yogurt pot of milk

- 1 yogurt pot of white oil



Eggs, sugar, lemon peel and vanilla sugar are foam mixed with a blender. During mixing, the milk and oil are slowly poured. When mixing all together, add flour, which is prematurely mixed with baking powder. A half of the mass is poured into a model for a bunt cake, that is previously greased and floured. Mix cocoa in the second half of the mass and pour it into the model. Bake at 200 degrees, approx. 45 minutes. Then remove from the oven and let it cool down. When it cools well, shake off the model and sprinkle with sugar.

Time of preparation: 1 hour


Pohorska omleta



- 3 jajca

- 3 žlice sladkorja

- 3 žlice ostre moke

- 3 žlice brusnične marmelade

- 250 ml sladke smetane

- sladkor v prahu za posip



Pečico segrejemo na 220°C. Okroglo ponev (tortni model) namastimo z maslom ali margarino ter pomokamo. 

Rumenjake in beljake ločimo v dve skledi. Rumenjakom dodamo sladkor in jih penasto umešamo. Beljake stepemo v čvrst sneg. V stepene rumenjake najprej vmešamo dve žlici stepenih beljakov, nato pa zmesi dodamo moko in jo vmešamo z ročno metlico. Na koncu nežno in počasi vmešamo še preostanek snega. Testo vlijemo v pripravljeno ponev in ga 12 minut pečemo.

Stepemo sladko smetano. Pečeno omleto vzamemo iz pečice in na eni polovici debelo premažemo z brusnično marmelado. Prepognemo in serviramo na krožnik. Potrosimo s sladkorjem v prahu, ob strani okrasimo s stepeno smetano in postrežemo. 

Čas priprave: 45 min


Naše priporočilo: Predstavljen je klasičen recept za Pohorsko omleto. Mi se radi z njo poigramo in jo obarvamo s sezonskimi okusi. Dodamo sveže borovnice, maline, robide ali jagode. V zimskem času pa sadje iz domačih komopotov. Izredno okusna je češnjeva in hruškova.


Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil



- 1 tablespoon of pumpkin oil

- 1 half-vanilla cork

- 4 yolks

- 400 ml of milk

- 150 ml of sweet cream

- 150 g of powdered sugar



Milk with the vanilla cork is slowly heated in the container almost to the boiling. Then remove and leave to stand for 15 minutes that the milk absorbs to vanilla flavors. after 15 min remove vanilla cork. Step the yolks and sugar into the foam, and pour the mixture into the milk, then place it on a small flame and stir until it thickens. It can't be boiling, because the eggs can coagulate. When the mixture is thickened, remove it and let it cool down. Then gently slice sweet cream, mix it in a cooled mixture and place it in the freezer for 3 hours to freeze. When the mixture is frozen, the ice cream is served in a cooled container and pour over a spoonful of pumpkin oil, sprinkle with pumpkin seeds. 

Time of preparation: 4 hours



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