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Author: univ.dipl.politolog Aneseja Šenveter

Local cuisine


The Styria region has long been known for its excellent cuisine and delicious wines. The secret of the cuisine lies in its diversity – it is as varied as the landscape of the Styria region.

It offers a wide selection of homemade traditional dishes and combines it most perfectly with the elements of modern cuisine.


In traditional Styrian cuisine prevail strong dishes like pork meet, potatoes, beans, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs and different types of cereals. Sour cabbage and turnips are also considered as popular traditional dishes in this part of Slovenija.

When speaking of traditional Styrian food, we must not forget to mention different kinds of porridges (barley, buckwheat) cooked with meat or vegetable which often find their place on the daily menus.


The Styria region is known for the production of pumpkin oil, which is also considered as one of the basic ingredients in preparing traditional delicacies. The pumpkin oil has dark green colour, and its taste remind us a bit on the walnuts. Most often it is used as a salad dressing and we really would recommend you to try it – because of its rich taste we are sure you will want to take it home with you. 


Have you ever tried typical Styrian desserts? Most often they contain cottage cheese, walnuts, cream and yeast dough. Ask for “sirova zlivanka”, “gibanica”, “pohorska omleta” or “šarlota”. We are sure you will love them.


When you take the best tasting recipes from the past, presented in a little bit more modern way and combined with top-notch Styrian wines, the culinary experience you receive will leave you speechless.

But there will also be no problem if you prefer international cuisine. Maribor has numerous restaurants you can visit; especially the Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine are strongly represented since they have that have important roots in the everyday life of the Styrians.

We recommend you to visit:


- Gostilna Maribor, where you will find authentic Slovenian cuisine (located in the strict city centre);

- Restaurant Pri treh ribnikih, the oldest restaurant in Maribor, with a tradition of 300 years (located next to towns park);

- Restaurant Rožmarin with modern, urban ambient yield to the culinary delights of fresh, seasonal and light Mediterranean food with a Štajerska touch (located in the city centre);

- Restaurant Pri Florjanu, offering seasonal and local cuisine (located in the strict city centre);

- Gostilna Pri lipi with rich traditional cousin, specially famous with the locals for its fried chicken (located near the Pohorje mountain);

- Restaurant Villa rustica, renowned for its tastily prepared menus and for Roman excavations (located near the Pohorje mountain);

- Restaurant Seven, owned by the Vocational College for Catering and Tourism in Maribor (located in the city centre);

- Pizzerija in Špageterija La Cantina, known for good quality and excellent location (located direct under the Pohorje Mountain);



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